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Colorado Retina: A Patients' Journey into the New Wave of Healthcare

Have you had a chance to check out our newest LEAN designed clinics at Englewood or Lafayette?? Watch our video above, to find out why we, Colorado Retina decided to adapt Lean Management principles into our daily practice. We have transformed how our organization works to create an attitude of continuous improvement, value creation and unity of purpose for staff, decrease in waste and clinic spending, and ultimately are improving efficiencies by eliminating the aspects that didn't contribute to quality vitreoretinal care.

The video is a virtual tour of one of our latest Lean created clinics, Englewood. We follow a patient, recreating an initial 2-3 hour appointment starting with the patients initial point of entry, all the way through imaging, consultation, surgery scheduling, and check-out to show why the patient's footprint was an integral part of how our staff designed each office. Creating less patient steps (less movement), in turn created shorter wait times, more time with their physician, a reduction in wasted time, and ultimately a more efficient and flawless appointment. The idea is to take it back to a grass roots approach, identifying what creates real value for our patients, so that they leave more satisfied with our care and service.

Our Parker clinic is next on the list to get a Lean makeover! If you want to learn more about how we made the switch, schedule a tour of one of our offices, and see it for yourself! Contact Kendall Johnson, Marketing Manager at Colorado Retina Associates:

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