During your Visit

To prepare for your upcoming visit to CRA, we created a list of helpful suggestions.

  1. Please be prepared to spend 2-3 hours at your initial appointment. This visit includes a detailed history, comprehensive eye and retinal examination, additional testing as needed (fluorescein angiogram, OCT, ultrasound, etc), discussion of your diagnosis and treatment plan with your doctor, and initial treatment if needed.
  2. Your eyes will be dilated (eye drops to enlarge your pupil) for your retina to be examined. While the dilation wears off after several hours, your vision may be blurred and your eyes may be light sensitive after your visit. It’s best to have someone to drive you after your initial appointment. For subsequent appointments, you can judge whether or not you need a driver.
  3. It is often helpful to have a family member or friend accompany you to your initial appointment. Your doctor may give you a large amount of information and having “another set of ears” helps you recall what was discussed during your visit.
  4. Please bring to your appointment:
    • Your current eyeglasses, those used for driving or watching TV.
    • A list of your medications, including eye drops and vitamins.
    • A copy of your insurance card and a photo ID, such as a driver’s license.
    • Referral form from your primary care physician (if needed).
    • Specialist copayment as noted on your insurance card.
    • A snack, especially if you are diabetic.
    • The name of your eye doctor and your primary care medical doctor.
    • A translator, if English is not your native language.
  5. Every visit to the doctor’s office involves paperwork and forms to be filled out before the visit. These are downloadable, click here for patient forms, so you can fill them out before your visit. Or if you prefer, you can arrive 15 minutes ahead of your appointment and fill out the forms in our office.
  6. We will always attempt to schedule you with the doctor you prefer, except when your doctor is unavailable, in surgery or in a different office. As all of the CRA doctors share similar goals, experience and training, we hope you will be comfortable with any of them, especially in an urgent situation. One of the CRA doctors is always available after hours for emergencies.

We will do our best to keep our schedules running on time. But due to the nature of retinal diseases, many of which are emergencies, we frequently have to add patients to our schedule. Feel free to phone ahead (303-261-1600) to confirm that we are on schedule or to ask any questions. You may also find helpful information on our website. Click here for our patient resources page.

Thank you for entrusting your retinal care to CRA.