As of 5/18/20, we are cautiously and slowly opening more appointment availability to ALL patients, please call us to re-book any new or routine treatment! If you are experiencing any cold, flu, or feverish symptoms prior to your scheduled appointment, call (303) 261-1600 to reschedule. Established patients can now schedule telemedicine video conferencing appointments with their physician to avoid leaving home.
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We are always keeping a pulse on what is happening in retinal diagnostics, treatment, and surgery. From exciting breakthroughs to ongoing research, we’ll keep you up to date with what’s happening in the field.

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An Elusive Macular Hole Closed by Eye Drops Alone

June 5, 2020

Although no major studies have analyzed this phenomenon, anecdotal evidence can be instructive.

Diabetic Retinopathy Severity and Cataract Surgery: When Less Is More

April 14, 2020

Dr. Peter Hovland, explains a common referral our retina specialists often encounter: a diabetic patient in need of evaluation before cataract surgery.

EyeWire News Podcast with Dr. Adam: COVID-19 Impact for Retina Specialists

March 25, 2020

Dr. Murtaza Adam, shares Colorado Retina's steps in implementing new safety procedures, prioritizing only urgent and emergent in-clinic and surgical cases.

Safety or Speed? What Ophthalmologists Should Know About FDA Approval

March 20, 2020

New ophthalmic medications undergo rigorous testing before they go to market—but for lifesaving treatments, should we consider trading safety for speed?

Retina Specialists Share How They Are Adjusting to COVID-19

March 19, 2020

Dr. Alan Kimura shares his experience on how we implemented aggressive treatment protocols, providing only clinic-based and surgical, urgent retinal care.

Colorado Retina: A Patients' Journey into the New Wave of Healthcare

February 25, 2020

Watch a video virtual tour of our Englewood Clinic from a patients perspective to get a better idea of how LEAN works in healthcare.

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